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• To start a new paragraph, simply leave a blank line between two parts of text
• To link to another wiki page use square brackets, [[Page Name]]
• To use different text to the link use [[Page Name|Link test]]
• You can use <br /> and <hr /> tags for new lines even if HTML is disabled
• Use ''italic'', '''bold''' or '''''bold and italic''''' for emphasis
• Use ==Text== (2) for new sections and for sub-headings use ===Text=== (3) and ====Text==== (4)
• Start lines with * for an unordered list (bullets) and # for an ordered list (numbers)
• For images use [Image:url here] or to add alt text use [Image:url here|alt text here]
• For external links use [] or [|Visit!]
• If you use ==Section== you can link to that section using [[Page Name#Section Name]]