Scratch is an application that lets you make games, amiiatnon, music, stories and art. It seems easy to use, but in my opinion, looks a little bit confusing. This wiki chapter has a lot of different links that you can click on and watch or learn about the different uses of Scratch. I think that is a good idea because it allows you to see how Scratch works without actually having it downloaded. Scratch is free too, which is another good thing about the application. Since it is free, it would be easy to use in the classroom because it would have no cost. This wiki chapter provides lesson plans on how to incorporate Scratch into the classroom at many different age levels. I think that some of these lesson plans would work very well, but some might be a little confusing. The lesson plans for elementary school students, especially children younger than 3rd grade, seem like they are a little bit challenging, and it would take a lot of explaining to get them to understand how Scratch works. Also, this wiki chapter shows that Scratch can use something called a Picoboard. I think that instead of just having a link to a site that explains things about the Picoboard, more information could be added to the wiki chapter to explain how to use it, and what it does better. I like the fact that this wiki page has a lot of links to describe Scratch, but I also think that they could have went into a little more depth on the actual chapter about the uses of Scratch and how to use it. Otherwise it was an alright wiki page.